Nowiswere was founded in London in 2008 and published until 2015. The idea of Nowiswere was to be a Contemporary Art Magazine working as a web-based publication, prioritising the moment of production and encounter, hence publishing issues as distinct bodies of work that are compiled in the specificity of its contributors’ time-space-experience. The title of the magazine refers to the inexplicable, ungraspable but palpable nature of ‘now’, commissioning artists, curators, critics, academics, theoreticians to project upon as well as to produce their reception of a marked instant of time in their current creative involvement. (Veronika Hauer & Fatos Üstek)

Nowiswere is composed of the following sections:

THematics: Texts up to 1000 words or image based contributions up to four pages focusing on a single theme.

EF (Expecting Future): Subsection of THematics. EF hosts texts on the possibilities of the future and the potentials of the to-come-true. As expecting of any future requires awareness of the present, this section will consist of gathering a variety of practises, attitudes and tendencies.

AS (Artist Specials): Reviews on and/or interviews on/with artists.

CC (Critics’ Corner): Reviews of exhibitions, performances, events, etc.

SF (Special Feature).

Cover: Commissioned by an artist upon invitation.

Nowiswere was founded by Veronika Hauer and Fatos Üstek in London in January 2008. Copyrights of the magazine are the property of Veronika Hauer and Fatos Üstek. All rights of the contributions are the property of their contributors.

Founding Editors:
Veronika Hauer
Fatos Üstek

Layout and graphic conception:
Veronika Hauer

Website design:
Erwin Schober
Alistair McDonald (2009-2012)