Cevdet Erek



Born 1974 in Istanbul. Lives and works in Istanbul. Trained and practised as an architect and sound designer, Erek started realizing a series of time based installations with the production of Avluda (In the courtyard) in 2002. Using sounds & beats, moving images & objects, constructions and performances, he creates intense experiences by capturing and reformulating spaces and situations. 9th Istanbul Biennial, Platform Garanti, Stedelijk Museum, Extra City, Artists Space,Martin Gropius Bau and others. He received the Uriot Prize with ‘Studio’ (2005) during his residency at Rijksakademie– Amsterdam. His book ‘SSS’ was published by BAS Artists’ Books- Istanbul in early 2008. Besides personal work, he collaborates with architects, directors and is a member of Istanbul’s avantgarde rock band Nekropsi.