Fatos Ustek


  • EF How to overcome geographical attributions of art practice OR How to construct a what-ever community / Issue 1
  • CC Can Altay: Ahali / Issue 1
  • AS Europe – A Grand Narrative / Issue 2
  • EF Return upon Return / Issue 3
  • AS Tu Zeng / Issue 4
  • CC Smadar Dreyfus: Mother’s Day / Issue 4
  • EF Maze / Issue 6
  • SF SF 0K – A Play in Five Acts / Issue 7
  • SF Liquid Nitrogen – A Play in Five Acts / Issue 8
  • CC SF The Encounter – A Play in Five Acts / Issue 9


Fatos Ustek is an independent curator and art critic, based in London, UK. She is member of AICA TR; currently guest tutor at Vision Forum, Linkopings Universitet, Sweden; main writer of www.artchive.org.tr; regular contributor to magazines Camera Austria, Austria; Kunst(h)art, Belgium; Artluk, Poland. Specialized in photography and film, her curatorial practice follow thematic investigation of concepts, such as ‘now’, ‘time-presence’, ‘agency-subject’, emerging as collaborative projects with artists, writers and other curators. www.fatosustek.com