Lauris Paulus


  • Artists' Contributions Anti-Culture/Acid Rain Culture / Issue 14


Lauris Paulus, born 1975 is a visual artist. His work lies at the intersection of esoteric and cryptic forms of knowledge and Mallarmean poetry, producing symbols without objective referents, hermetic and factual signs, books of sorts whose writing systems are lost. He holds an MA in Contemporary Arts Practice from Bern University of the Arts and an MA in Visual Communication and Photography from Lausanne University of the Arts  (ECAL). His work has been shown at CEAAC, Strasbourg, Instituto Svizzero in Mailand, Fri-Art Fribourg, Kunsthalle Bern, Kunsthalle Basel and Galerie Milieu in Bern. 
As a curator, he is the co-founder of the independent space WallRiss: Paulus lives and works in Fribourg Switzerland.