Lisa Skuret


  • CC ‘I’m Thinking of You’. Franko B / Issue 4
  • CC The time between the two: Simon Pope’s Common Third / Issue 6
  • Cover Holography For Beginners / Issue 7
  • TH Four Figures (low resolution) and a Technique of Extraction: the bird ghost at the zaouia / Issue 10


Lisa Skuret is a writer and artist exploring the intersections between contemporary arts, politics and life using whatever forms that seem necessary: text, sound, object, performance. She studied Contemporary Art Theory at Goldsmiths College London (AHRC Award 2007-08), Interactive Media at University of the Arts London, and Psychology at Smith College (USA) and University College London.
Currently, Lisa is working with Vision Forum (Linköpings University, Sweden) on a collective arts-research project resulting in an upcoming exhibition and publication, Time Capsules and Conditions of Now, at David Roberts Foundation in London.