Mara Ferreri


  • EF The schizophrenia of Stefano Boeri / Issue 2
  • CC Legacy and désaffecté spaces / Issue 3
  • EF DANGLING FUTURES AND CREATIVE WORK Here comes the Carrot Bloc! / Issue 5
  • EF On projective creative cities / Issue 11


Mara Ferreri is an independent writer interested in contemporary art practices in conflictive urban contexts and their potential for social change. As a member of Isola Art Center,, she has recently co-authored “A ‘green’ Isola for the rich. Arts and communities against Eco-Gentrification in Milan, Italy”, with Bert Theis and Alberto Pesavento, published in Zanny Begg and Keg de Souza, There Goes The Neighbourhood: Redfern and the Politics of Urban Spaces, Sydney, 2009. She is currently PhD candidate in Human Geography at Queen Mary University, London, where she is researching the affects and temporalities of self-organisation and cultural gentrification in contemporary cities.