A series of live events

Unpublished Issue is a series of live events, initiated to extend Nowiswere’s online presence to a performative situation of varying spatial and cultural context.

Hence the Unpublished Issue as an event allows to actually meet and engage face to face with an audience that normally remains invisible in the realm of the web. Creating an event such as the Unpublished Issue allows editors and contributors alike to work with matters of duration and space, as much as the unpredictability and immediacy inherent to the live encounter as such. Furthermore Unpublished Issue features material and formats of live presentations that cannot be published neither in the issues nor on the website (such as films, sound pieces, lectures and performances).

The Unpublished Issue remains undocumented and in that sense unpublished to anyone else, but the actual participating audience on site. Secondly, the Unpublished Issue as a touring format works from a very flexible and site-specific concept, ever adapting and changing depending on the context and localisation of performance. Still, running parallel to Nowiswere’s online issues, the Unpublished Issue is developed in conceptual proximity to our editorial practise inviting artists, writers and curators to articulate an immediate stance of their current notions of the now.