Sils is an exhibition & project space located in the port city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands and inspired by its namesake, the small mountain village Sils-maria found in Switzerland.  We decided upon Sils as the name for our project space back in the winter of 2009/10; its meaning remains to be continually defined and like the shade of white, Sils reflects all the colours and contributions from the artists who we invite and gather to it.

The desire to gather and form Sils emerged primarily from an observed gap within the Rotterdam art scene. Our aim is to fill this gap by creating a vibrant non-commercial gallery, artist/curator-run space, curating a program with a national and international outlook. In addition to programming exhibitions, we are also interested in establishing connections with similar spaces in other cities.

Just as the mountain village of Sils has historically hosted Nietzsche, Bowie, Richter and others alike for periods of thought, act and creativity, so does Sils, in the flat water city of Rotterdam, strive and desire to be a ‘moving’ space; equally being host and providing support to artists who experiment, perform, play and expand the frames of their practice.

Our main joy is researching, discussing and seeking out selected artists for exhibitions, however Sils has an open submission policy:  Artists are encouraged to submit their portfolios, which will be periodically reviewed by the committee members.

As an official Stichting (non-profit organization), Sils is run by a committee of dedicated and passionate individuals, from different backgrounds as artists and curators, since 2009.

Sils committee members are and have been:
David Stamp (UK) 2009 – Present, Kathrin Wolkowicz (DE/PL) 2009 – Present, Rachel Carey (US)  2009 – Present, Ghislain Amar (FR) 2012 – Present, Teresa Iannotta (IT) 2009 – 2012, Stefano Calligaro (IT) 2009 – 2011